Practice Areas

My office is a general practice that practices many different areas of the law. These practice areas include: Real Estate, Civil/Commercial Litigation, Domestic Relations - Divorce & Dissolution, Family Law, and Criminal Defense.

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It is not enough to do good legal work. There are many attorneys out there and to be honest, most are capable of closing a deal or winning a case. This is not surprising. We went to the same law schools, learned the same legal principles, and passed the same exams.

So, what do we bring to the table?

Our approach is not simply to "represent" clients, but rather to place ourselves in their position and work with them to resolve the issues they are faced with. Learn More...

Office Information

Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
ofc. 740-353-4567
fax. 740-354-1301

630 Sixth Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662